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Talk More Meals provides weekly prepared meals & talking points offering the opportunity to slow down, eat & connect together. Orders close Saturday nights at 11:59 pm

Meals ready for pickup or delivery on Mondays

*All Gluten Free & MORE

Serving the Waco, Texas Community

What our weekly customers are saying...

We’ve noticed that we are feeling better & losing weight. We’re loving the meals.
— Weekly Customer

I LOVE the talking points on the meals. Our family has a lot of fun at dinnertime answering the “Talk More” questions.
— Weekly Customer

I’ve dropped 6 lbs! I love not having to think about what I’m going to eat. Thanks so much for this service!
— -Weekly Customer
I’m an overweight, overworked, single mom. Eating out seems easier, faster, cleaner, and sometimes cheaper than cooking at home-especially a healthy meal choice. My best friend, who has always expanded my palate and urged me to exercise, told me about Talk More Meals, who cooked these amazing, healthy, paleo meals at a price that was comparable to what I paid to eat out.

These meals have not only helped me spend less time & money planning, shopping, cooking, and washing dishes, these delicious meals have helped me lose weight, slow down and feel so much better because I’m feeding my child and myself fast healthy food at home instead of fast junk food from a drive through!
— Weekly Customer